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Holding Hands

About Us

The Saskatoon Pregnancy Options and Support Centre is a Faith-based, non-profit, non-political, charitable organization. We provide compassionate care and support to women and families experiencing an unexpected pregnancy.

Our Staff

 (Left to Right)

Carolyn Williamson
Program Director

Dee Cook
Executive Director

Anne-Marie Hughes
Community Outreach Director

Tracy Unger
Client Services Director

Shauna  Waldner
Administrative Assistant

Jamie Reimer
Client Relations



Our vision is a community where no person faces an unexpected pregnancy alone, where every person is valued in their pregnancy decisions and has access to our resources and care.

We are committed to providing generous support, education and acceptance to people and their families who are experiencing unexpected pregnancy by striving to meet their emotional, spiritual, and physical needs. We offer support services to all people based on our commitment to love our neighbours as ourselves.

Message from our Executive Director

 "Whether you are pregnant or looking to find out if you are, we are here for you. We provide credible and thorough information about your pregnancy and have often been the first step for many women who are navigating their pregnancy decisions. 
The information provided on our website is not meant to take the place of a medical diagnosis. We are not intending to be a substitute for professional medical, legal or counselling advice. We exist to provide loving, safe and unconditional acceptance to women and families.
If you are pregnant or looking to receive a free pregnancy test, please visit us!”

- Dee

Our Board of Directors

Irene Blum


Board Chair

Clement Ng

Marc Taillon

Vice Chair

Donna Sapieha

Brianna Baraniecki

Board Member

Board Member

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